Invaluable Business and Life Lessons I Learned Playing Poker

It’s always beneficial to listen to others’ advice even if we don’t take it because you never know when someone might have a new perspective you never considered There’s a great one here. It uses poker to teach life and business lessons. It’s interesting and will help you see things differently in your own life. Who knew poker could teach anyone anything?

Key Takeaways:

  • The best you can ever do is play the hand you’re dealt as well as you can. The future is always changing, and you can’t help when bad cards fall.
  • No matter how good your cards are, there are very few times when you’re 100 percent guaranteed to win. The trick to business, life and poker is to “gamble’”at the right time — when the odds are in your favor.
  • Whether you’re in a relationship or running a business, be sure you give yourself some time to breathe. That time in the clouds will allow you to execute more effectively in the trenches.

“The best you can ever do is play the hand you’re dealt as well as you can.”

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