6 Steps to Turn Boring Meetings Into the Best Meetings Ever

Meetings become ineffective when they combine different types of discussions, because we aren’t good at changing the pace or tenor of a conversation once it starts. Make things easier by splitting discussions into categories. The manufacturing team could split operational discussions about issues on a line or scrap rate concerns from discussions about progress on the introduction of a new line.

Key Takeaways:

  • The first key is to send out an agenda in advance that has the subject line–with a verb–announcing the point of the meeting.
  • An important part of your agenda is to review the action items that were assigned to individuals during your last meeting on the topic.
  • Ideally, meetings are shorter than ninety minutes, because that is the ideal amount of time that the mind can effectively focus on a subject before needing a break.

“The verb is there to direct people, from the get-go, toward some sort of decision or action. Unless it’s a standing meeting just for updates, all great meetings end in some sort of decision or action.”


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