Who Are CST?

We are a dedicated network of firms who
deliver expert tax and accounting advice to
private clients in major global centres.


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With offices in key global locations, we leverage our local knowledge, international expertise and professional partnerships for the benefit of our clients. Our core philosophy is to ensure that our clients receive the most appropriate advice for their personal circumstances. Our personal level of service ensures that whatever your requirements you are treated in a manner that recognizes you for who you are. We have specialist resources that have the technical and industry knowledge to provide both professional advice and practical solutions.

We often work with external advisors to ensure that our input as tax advisors and accountants is timely and appropriate to the client’s particular circumstances. Our professionals are able to provide you with guidance and solutions to a wide range of tax, accounting and business issues.


Our member firms are located in major international cities and we are therefore able to directly service our global clients in Expatland.

Our professional contacts mean that many cross-border business matters can easily be addressed. Our professional affiliations and professional relationships allow us to co-ordinate a solution to whatever professional tax or legal issue a client may have. This reduces many of the communication difficulties when an expatriate or business person is considering an international move.
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The History of CST

CST Tax Advisors was founded in 1992, by John Marcarian in Sydney, Australia. From the early days of the Firm it was recognised that the private client tax market for Australian expatriates and international businesses was a unique market segment. The United States proved to be a very popular destination for Australian expatriates and entrepreneurs given the close relationship of Australia and the United States. As a result CST Tax Advisors in the USA was established in 2010 and now has offices in Los Angeles, Sydney and Singapore.

John Marcarian

As John says

As John says

The beginning of the CST way was grounded in delivering quality services to the executive, private client or family business. I always believed that the relationship with the client was the foundation stone of the Firm and our obligation to maintain that relationship meant that we were not to be just about the chargeable hour and answering questions – but rather is a sense of obligation to go the extra mile to think about things that we ourselves would want done – if we were the client.

Our Key Value Proposition is to continue to provide expat individuals and international enterprises in ‘Expatland’ with integrated tax accounting and structuring advice for both their home markets and the international markets in which they operate. We do this by having empathy to their facts and circumstances and focussing on executing tax and business solutions.

We strongly believe that by focussing on clients living and working in ‘Expatland’ we can deliver on the above statement through our global brand and our united delivery platform.