Toby Young



The world exists in perpetual motion, there is no reason why finance and ownership can not do the same, helping to create a more inclusive society.

Toby aims to solve problems created by the lack of understanding between the traditional and digital worlds. He sees Digital Assets and Blockchain as a path to equalising treatment in terms of businesses and individuals, ensuring that each has full access to their capital, whether it be monetary, tied to ownership or provenance.

In addition, Toby believes Digital Assets remove unnecessary delays for businesses and individuals to access their own assets in a timely manner. Blockchain creates clear governance by utilising immutable ledgers and smart contracts that provide proof of ownership and provenance, coupled with the ability to move non-physical resources, it can create trust in today’s trustless society.

Through digitisation he sees many solutions, including clear authentication of ownership, instant transfer, and numerous other benefits.


With over 20 years of experience in financial markets and trading, Toby has been working with Blockchain and Digital Assets since 2016.

Having initially started his career in London, Toby has been based in Dubai, UAE since 2009.

His extensive experience spans a wide range of financial asset classes, including traditional products such as Equities, FX and Energy, as well as Cryptocurrencies and other Digital Assets. During his career he has worked under the auspices of a range of regulators, ensuring he is very familiar with, and compliant to a broad range of the financial industry’s regulatory requirements.

Prior to joining CST, he was the Chief Investment Officer at NeoFlow Asset Management, a Digital Asset manager investing in liquid Digital Asset Funds and Cryptocurrencies. In previous roles Toby was the Head of Product Development and Strategy for the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) and gained a wealth of experience in the Energy markets whilst working at Daman Quattro Ltd and BNP Paribas in London.

He has always worked within highly regulated organisations and values the benefits that good regulation brings for the protection of both institutions, individuals and the wider ecosystem.


Within this role, Toby specialises in advising Digital Asset and Web 3.0 businesses. He translates complex scenarios into everyday understanding, moving seamlessly between the traditional and digital worlds, whilst being able to explain how both sides interact with each other.


Toby holds a Bsc Honors from Manchester Metropolitan University.
There is no shortage of what Toby has already achieved in his career. He sat on the Blockchain Council of Dubai – an initiative of the Prime Minister’s Office, while also presenting and moderating at numerous conferences, and is often quoted in articles both internationally and in the UAE.
Toby was involved in building two separate Digital Asset Funds, each with an increasing level of complexity.


With his extensive background in the financial and Digital Asset world, and keen interest in the beneficial use of Digital Assets, Toby is uniquely placed in being able to understand and relate to both the traditional and digital worlds. This ensures he is well placed to assist Digital Asset and Web 3.0 businesses.


When he’s not immersed in the digital world, Toby loves to explore different cities, cultures and cuisines. He is an avid football and cricket fan, but an even bigger fan of his son.