Peter Harper

Managing Director and CEO of Asena Advisors

Peter is an Australian Tax Lawyer, International Tax Advisor and Market Entry Specialist. He has spent most of his career advising foreign owned privately held businesses on US market entry and founders and executives on the migration impact of becoming citizens of ‘Expatland’. Market entry and global migration are complex areas of tax law and when proper advice is not obtained, he is also called upon to co-ordinate the resolution of multi-jurisdictional international tax controversies.

Peter’s core focus is extracting value for founders and executives, and he believes in a ‘Stakeholder Framework’ to corporate taxation. The ‘Stakeholder Framework’ encompasses the development of tax strategy that facilitates value extraction for founders and executives, rather than for the corporations that such founders have created and such executives manage.

Peter advises entrepreneurs and business owners, private clients, family offices, private wealth managers and listed corporations on: international expansion; executive migration; cross border mergers and acquisitions; and international estate and succession planning.

The areas of tax in which he is a recognized specialist are international tax, income tax, capital gains tax, and the taxation of trusts.

He has presented seminars for various global wealth management firms, the International Franchise Association, the American Australian Association, KEA New Zealand, and Advance.

Peter is a member of the New South Wales Law Society, the New York Bar Association, the Georgia Bar Association and the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners.